Smudging without the Smoke

I’ve used smudging many times over the years for clearing the auric field and setting a healing intention. Several years ago I shifted my use after my house had been broken into one afternoon.

I had a trip planned, and nearly canceled after the intrusive event, but decided to go on my trip after all. One of my first stops was a Native American store along the way to pick up sage and sweetgrass.

Over the next few days I had time to focus on my feelings about the break-in. I did not feel like my home was my safe haven anymore, and knew that the integrity of my home needed repair. When I returned home again I smudged that evening. Immediately the energy felt clearer, more safe. Over the next few days I smudged again, clearing both the house and my own energy field.

Smudging combines the powerful essences of the plants used in smudging with the focus and intention you awaken during the process. In my case I brought attention to the fact that I am the one who sets the energy in my home as well as my office. Since that time I have realized that others share the desire to bring a conscious into their own space, and learn more about energy awareness as well as creating a safe, sacred space for themselves and their families.

I also realized that using smoke within my home would, over time, affect the paint and furniture. While smudging is far different than smoking cigarettes or cigars, any smoke will build up on upholstery and walls. Because of this I created two essential oil healing mists to take the place of smoke smudging.

Guardian of the Light essential energy healing mist is used for clearing negativity and harsh energies, setting sacred space, calling in support and guidance, and shifting or releasing energies.  Blessings of the Crystal Moon essential energy healing mist is used for blessings, setting new intentions, and bringing in

I use these sprays in healing sessions, self healing meditations, and to set the energy in my house, car, and office. There is no smoke, and the light fragrance is soothing and energetically powerful.

I also work with these sprays in my online class, Sacred Space Energy Clearing, a certification program for energy healers and those who want to learn how to clear energy, set sacred space, and clear their own energy.

Author Estee Taschereau is an intuitive and energy healer with over 25 years of insights in developing powerful energy awareness and healing techniques.  Private sessions are available for spirit-to-spirit realizations.  For a powerful energy shift in life sign up for the Healing Drum Retreat in Yelm, Washington.

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